• AVLT-SD12-1
  • AVLT 47" Ambidextrous Mobile Standing Desk with Split Top Tilting Tray (3 ft 11 inches) - Pneumatic Laptop Cart - Rolling White Cart with Brake Casters

■ HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE AND MOBILE: This mobile lectern podium offers a quick and easy way to find the perfect position with an ambidextrous gas spring height adjustment and lever-operated tilt. Effortlessly raise and lower the desk from 31.9” (810mm) to 47.2” (1200mm) to convert between a highly effective mobile lecture for speaking in front of a group or a mobile laptop workstation to use while sitting and standing.
■ SPLIT TOP MULTI TILT ANGLES: The 27.6” (700mm) by 15.8” (400mm) front top tilts anywhere between 0° to 60° degrees to fit your needs in many environments and provides ergonomic comfort for your wrist, arms, shoulders, back and neck. The 27.6” (700mm) by 5.91” (150mm) back top stays flat for better workspace organization and placing small devices, stationeries, and other necessities.
■ CONVERTIBLE EDGE STOPPER WRIST REST: Features a unique 13.0” (330mm) by 1.18” (30mm) fold out safety edge stopper which prevents objects from falling off when the top is tilted and doubles as a wrist rest. The fold out edge stopper can be used to support thicker laptops securely.
■ STURDY AND STABLE: Heavy duty aluminum and iron construction reduces wobble for superior stability. With built in caster brakes, you can confidently work on it without worrying about shifting. A simple release of the brakes allows easy movement of the desk cart with a light push and without any lifting required.
■ ELEGANT DESIGN: Matte white finish ideal for use in educational institutions, office, conference rooms, training, tradeshows, home office or bedroom environment.

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Installation Advice: Please send us an email or message us if you need guidance. We will be more than happy to walk you through.
  • Sit-Stand Mobile Rolling Laptop Cart
  • Gas Spring Height Adjustable Desk
  • Spacious Laptop Workstation
  • Mobile Adjustable Podium
  • Simple Assembly
  • Split Tiltable Tabletop

AVLT (3 ft 11 inches / 1200 mm tall) Ambidextrous Mobile Standing Desk with Split Top Tilting Tray (White)

A standing desk with split top tilting tray allows an adjustable ergonomic laptop typing experience while raising the screen higher to improve posture and minimize stress in the neck and shoulders. The flat tabletop allows additional items such as stationery, water bottles, mobile devices etc. to be placed on top for quick access. A mobile height desk helps to keep you active, lower your risk of weight gain and obesity, reduce risk of heart diseases, alleviate back pain and boost productivity.

  • Front Tabletop Size: 27.6" x 15.7" (700mm x 400mm)
  • Back Tabletop Size: 27.6" x 5.9" (700mm x 150mm)
  • Tabletop Thickness: 0.6" (15mm)
  • Edge Stopper Max Supported Laptop Thickness: 0.75" (19mm)
  • Work-surface Weight Capacity: 22.0 lbs (10kg)
  • Front Tabletop Tilt Angles: 0° to 60°
  • Height Range: 31.9" to 47.2" (810mm to 1200mm)
  • Material: MDF & PVC, Iron, Aluminum, Plastic





Ambidextrous Gas Spring Squeeze Lever

Setup a Right Hand or Left Hand lever placement for greater comfort. Adjust the gas spring tension to lift the combined 27.6" x 21.7" (700mm x 550mm) table with just a finger touch up to 47.2" (1200mm) high.

Tilting Squeeze Lever

Tilt the entire Front Tabletop from a flat 0° angle to a tilted 60° for an ergonomic drawing or typing setupSolid 0.60" (15mm) MDF wood does not flex when mounting a power strip holder (AVLT-MT43-1) or shifting it around on the Back Tabletop.

Safety Edge Stopper

Built-in 13 inch (330mm) wide safety edge stopper which partially folds out to hold laptops up to 0.75" (19mm) thick. Helps keep your laptop and tablet seated firmly while the tabletop is tilted at an angle.

Smooth Casters With Brakes

Four castors (two with brakes) make it easy for you to move the desk cart and use it wherever you like or keep it stationary with the brakes on. The cart base and casters can scoot under tight furniture spaces due to its low 4.7" (120mm) height profile.


A breeze to go from sit to stand in seconds

Assists to fix your posture immediately while using a laptop or a drawing pad. Whether you are sitting or standing, you can elegantly and silently adjust the table to an ergonomic height and tilt angle. Place other items of importance within arms reach on the Back Tabletop for convenience. Safe and secure with straight up lift design which prevent fingers & hands being nicked as compared with the more dangerous scissor designs of other mobile standing desk carts.




Advanced Productivity Setup

Setup a smartphone or tablet stand holder to keep track of incoming notifications and calls while you work on the Front Tabletop and add other necessities such as a portable lamp to use in a dim enviroment.

A Secondary Back Tabletop

Create an organized and clean setup with a compartamentalized workspace arrangement. Keep high priority items on the flat tabletop for ease of access and to stay focused on your work.

Tips For Sitting Position

While in seated position, you may also adjust your existing chair higher and rest both feet on the cart base for improved comfort.


Be flexible deciding where you work

Create an available work surface on demand for previous spaces where it was not possible. Whether you're in the office or at home, roll the desk cart onto hard floor or carpet to find the location where it suits you best. For professionals, engineers, designers and business owners who aspire for a practical design that's also styled to fit many locationsHelps reduce back and neck strains when the table height and tilt angle is adjustable for you.