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  • AVLAB Dual Profile Gigabit Ethernet PCIe - up to 1000Mb/s data transfer rate
  • new|AVLAB-GE01
  • Dual Profile Single Port Gigabit Ethernet PCIe Adapter adds one high-speed Gigabit Ethernet port to PCI Express enabled desktop computers and workstations. Supports up to 1000Mb/s data transfer rate, auto-negotiation and full duplex mode to enhance your network’s performance and reliability, Works in any available PCI Express slot
  • DP USB 3.0 7-Port PCIe i/e
  • new|AVLAB-US54-1
  • Adds six external and one internal SuperSpeed USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A 5Gbps ports to your PCIe enabled desktop computer, PCIe 2.0 standard
  • AVLAB Dual Profile Cyber 1 Serial 1 Parrelle PCIe Card
  • AVLAB-JJ21-1
  • ■ Easily adds one serial port and one parallel port through an available PCI Express slot
    ■ 16C650 UART serial port with data transfer rate up to 250Kbps
    ■ Compliant with PCI Express 2.0 Gen 1
    ■ Compatible with IEEE 1284 -1994 parallel port standard for SPP/Byte/ECP Mode
    ■ Single-lane (X1) PCI Express end-point controller with PHY integrated
    ■ Full serial modem control
    ■ Hardware and software flow control
    ■ 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-bit serial format
    ■ Even, odd, none, space and mark parity
    ■ On chip 256 byte FIFO buffers in transmit, receive path
    ■ Works as standard RS-232 port or with 5V or 12V power output for devices that require power (such as handheld scanners, table scanners, POS displays, etc.), power output configurable via jumpers
    ■ Supports PCI bus Power Management Interface Specification Revision 1.2
    ■ Dual-profile design fits full height and low-profile system chassis with the included spare low-profile brackets
    ■ Perfect solution to connect with POS systems, industrial testing and control devices, security systems, logistic management equipment, printers, scanners, etc.