HDMI to DisplayPort converter doesn't work with surround sound speaker system? Try this unique converter box!

  • by AceProAV
  • 2018-10-03

If you are already looking for a HDMI to DisplayPort converter, you might want to consider finding a converter which can separately deliver sound if you have a surround sound system. Check if you may need to use a Coaxial Audio jack for the speaker system as unfortunately for most desktop and laptops, the Coaxial Audio jack is not built-in. There is a method which you can utilize the HDMI ports on your computer and split the audio and video so that you can have video on your monitor while delivering high quality audio to your surround sound speaker system. The product in this article will illustrate how this works.


Looking at the HDMI to DP 1.2 Converter Box

This equipment is one of the best solutions to deliver native 4K (3840 x 216) resolution at 60Hz which accepts 7.1 Ch Audio inputs and will provide a fantastic media viewing experience. The video signal accepts HDMI input which means both audio and video are accepted and the Converter box will preserve the audio and video signal while splitting it into a single video stream and audio stream. Through this split, video data can be output to a DisplayPort compatible monitor via a DisplayPort cable and audio (up to 5.1 Ch) can be delivered to a powerful surround sound speaker system via a Coaxial Cable which is usually provided with the speakers.


For this equipment you can also select to use a 3.5mm audio in port but can only deliver stereo sound. This means that if you use this for your surround speaker system, only two speakers will have sound. Therefore it is best recommended to use the 3.5mm audio in port for stereo speaker setups only.


So what is a Coaxial Audio Jack?

The original use for coaxial cables was to transfer video data. It uses an RCA interconnect and is a digital cable. An audio coaxial cable is similar but is shielded with a thick material and has a thick prong, sometimes called a stinger, as compared to other coaxial video cables. The audio signal is transferred via electric pulses over copper wiring. You only need one coaxial audio cable to send S/PDIF digital audio signals between devices. It can also support DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound signals. Consider this solution when HDMI isn’t an option for your surround sound speaker system.


The limits of Coaxial Audio cable is that it does not support DVD-A, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, SACD or high-definition audio and this means if you need these features you need to use an HDMI cable.


Extra functions

One of the best functions for the HDMI to DP 1.2 Converter Box is that it can support Mirror, Extended or Primary Display modes for the most flexible setup and use case and improve your productivity. A Mirror function is producing the exact same image from your source to your output display. Extended function adds a second screen to your already existing output. Primary Display allows output display to solely be the only display for your source.


More flexibility

The HDMI to DP 1.2 Converter Box is conveniently another handy addition to help users who are still deciding their options or want to get more information when they are considering converting HDMI to Display out and having a need to use external speaker systems.

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