What is ESD/Surge protection? Why AceProAV commit to the highest standard of ESD protection?

  • by AceProAV
  • 2020-02-24

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short, or dielectric breakdown. It can damage any kind of products or components containing electronics.

ESD/Surge protection becomes more and more important in today’s world because there are so many kinds of electronic products in series connection. Especially Audio/Video devices such as displays, satellite boxes, Blu-ray players, video extenders, switches, splitters, matrix, and AVR systems. It only takes one ESD strike to permanently damage all the connected devices, which makes ESD protection a critical component in motherboard design.

Why AceProAV commit to the highest standard of ESD protection?

As an Audio Video device manufacturer in Taiwan, we consider the durable devices with reliable safety at the priority, so each of our A/V products must pass at least ±8kV contact discharge testing. The high-risk outdoor electronic product such as HDMI extender must pass surge protection ±1.6kV and ESD protection ±19kV air-gap discharge and ±12kV contact discharge.

*AceProAV products survived from the ESD protection test by using Electrostatic Discharge Generator to simulate ±8kV contact ESD strike 25 times in one minute.

You could see our device recovery very soon after discharge, if you don’t have a ground wire in your home as the video shows, you just need to power cycle the device to make it on duty again.

The importance of ESD protection

The next time you upgrade/purchase an electronic device, we suggest you should consider the ESD/Surge protection into considerations since there is an average of 20 million cloud-to-ground flashes over the United States every year. Especially the southern states like TX, OK, MO that has around 15-20 THUNDERSTORMS per year according to Vaisala National Lightning Detection Network report in 2017.

Well-designed ESD protection components will not only extend the product service life, but it will level up your ESD protection system as well. That’s why we at AceProAV, commit to the highest standard of ESD and Surge Protection.


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