AceProAV Smart Scaling Application – Your 4K displays won’t be sacrificed for 1080p legacy displays

  • by AceProAV
  • 2020-03-10

UHD 4K resolution becomes more and more popular since 4K television/display market share increased as prices fell dramatically. That is an unstoppable trend. By 2020, more than half of U.S. households expected to have 4K-capable TVs for better audiovisual enjoyment, especially during the Super Bowl LIV.

Even the price is lower now, it still a considerable amount to replacing all 4K TVs at once since the research shows every household has an average of three TVs. And it will be a massive waste of resources to eliminate 1080p TVs and AVR, which can still be used.

How could 1080p and 4K display sharing a single source?

That is a common problem when distributing a single HDMI source such as Blu-ray Players, Roku, Apple TV or Gaming Console to multiple TVs. There are many kinds of HDMI Splitter and HDMI Matrix in the market, which generally delivers the same resolution signal to all connected HDMI displays. Means your 4K display will be sacrificed for 1080p legacy displays.

Unlike the standard HDMI Splitter and HDMI Matrix, the Smart Scaling Technology design to resolve this situation. AceProAV Smart Scaling Enabled HDMI Splitter and HDMI Matrix will automatically handshake with your displays, then delivers 4K content to your 4K display, and 1080p content to 1080p display independently.

For your home audiovisual entertainment, AceProAV HDMI Splitter and HDMI Matrix could help to extend the service life of your valuable HDMI 1.4 TVs, AVR, and amplifier in 4K environment.

For video gamers, Smart Scaling Technology supports playing 4K HDR resolution with streaming/recording 1080p gameplay footage with HDMI captures such as Elgato Stream Deck or AVerMedia Game Capture.

For the TV shop, Sports Bar and other places of business, your company will be happy to know the upgrading facilities payment is installment. The 4K resolution will enhance telepresence and authenticity. It also means a better audiovisual entertainment experience for your customers. Nothing is more important than your customer’s satisfaction.

You already know the benefits of using an AceProAV Smart Scaling HDMI devices. But which one to choose is the hard part! Will you go for the uncertain and standard equipment, or say yes to the flexibility and cost-effective one?

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