AVLT-Power is now part of AVLT starting September 1, 2018 (powered by AVLAB Technology Inc.)

  • 2018-09-01


Welcome to our NEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE,  www.avlab.com.tw

In 2016, AVLAB Technology Inc. launched AVLT-Power on Amazon to provide a closer and timely delivery with premium after-sale support for our users.

We are excited to announce on September 1,  2018, the AVLT-Power website www.AVLT-Power.com will be readdressed to our all new AVLT website www.avlab.com.tw (powered by AVLAB Technology Inc.). Our new revamped website offers an easier way for you to find and manage new products and keep track of your progress. This will also be a place where we continue attending to our business partners and users globally for all types of inquiries and support.

The AVLT Collection:

AVLT-Power: Mounts, Stands and Charging Technology

AVLAB-I/O: Input and Output Peripherals

AceProAV: Customized Audio and Video Solutions with expert advice


Let us continue to be your next solution provider today.


Getting to Know Our Mission

#1 Improving Efficiency and Productivity in the Office

Find us on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2WNje0e

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